Friday, February 22, 2008

Interactive MAP

This is an Interactive MAP of the Permanent Exhibition in the Design Museum Helsinki.
See the map or leave comments.

The aim is to collect comments coming from visitors. There are comments left by visitors coming to special events, to workshops or to a casual visits to the museum. Adults and children added their comments. We have produced comments using different media formats, as music that children have done inspired in the objects (See the workshop "The Sound of Objects") of the exhibition and comments in the form of videos left with a web cam during workshops with kindergarten children (See the workshops "Esa ja Esineet"). We have comments left in-situ, in the exhibition and comments that visitors left from home. We got poems, memories, feelings, opinions about the functionality of the objects in the exhibition. We collected comments in Finnish and English, but we encourage people to leave comments also in Swedish.

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