Saturday, December 8, 2007


At Design Museum Helsinki:
Leena Svinhufvud (production coordination)
Harri Kivilinna (exhibition designer)
Hanna Kapanen (workshop guide)
Anna Louhelainen (workshop guide)
Mirjam Krafft(workshop coordinator)
Elina Eerola (texts, photos, workshop guide)
Susanna Vakkari (texts)
Jukka Savolainen (exhibition collaboration, information/media)
Merja Vilhunen (image archives, internet solutions)
Selection of objects: Leena Svinhufvud, Elina Eerola, Marianne Aav, Harri Kivilinna, Jukka Savolainen

At Media Lab Helsinki:
Mariana Salgado (production coordination and designer)
Andrea Botero (expert advisor)
Diana De Sousa (media designer)
Tommi Jauhiainen (computing support)
Mikko Laitinen and Ilpo Kari (video support)
Atte Timonen (software designer)
Lily Diaz (expert advisor)

External collaborator:
Matti Luhtala/TunnelVision (sound designer)

And our special thanks go to:
Pekka Salonen, Tuukka Teponoja, Vennu Nivalainen and Ville Tikkanen all from Media Lab.

The active collaboration from 9 children and 2 teachers from a kindergarten in Helsinki, who made possible the first workshop serie "Esa and the Objects".

We want to specially thanks to Rody Van Gemert that organized with us the "Sound of objects" workshop. Thanks to the guitar students that brought creative ideas and stories to the objects. Special thanks to sound designer Matti Luhtala for helping with the edition of the sound from the workshop and the concert. Thanks to Petteri Laukkanen, Sound Designer, from Suomen kansallisooppera that lend us the microphones.

Thanks to Outi-Maria Takkinen (Titi) and Nana Smulovitz-Mulyana from Nuoren Voima Liito and Annantalo for bringing your students and ideas to our workshop serie: Odes of Objects. Many thanks to the participants that wrote Odes for the objects in the exhibition and allow us to publish them in the Interactive Map.

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