Saturday, December 8, 2007

Design Museum WebTV

The Musem WebTV concept was born from the idea of making the “Esa ja esineet” workshops available to children in kindergartens outside of Helsinki. Since it is impossible to physically take the puppet show to kindergartens distant from the Design Museum we thought to make them freely available on video support to be distributed on the internet.

So we created Design Museum's channel on YouTube.

The Design Museum will also make available guidance materials to help the educators at kindegartens to run the workshops themselves. These materials might be available at LeMill.

The WebTV channel can also be used to collect feedback from the workshops. YouTube allows for “video-responses” to be posted back to the original videos. This introduces a very interesting possibility of getting feedback from the far away kindergartens, since the educators could submit videos of the works and fantasy stories created by their children.

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