Saturday, December 8, 2007

Workshop 1: Teema mug

1st of November 2007:

The first workshop was meant to get to know each other and create an atmosphere of mutual trust. The workgroup introduced themselves and the Design Museum and the children got to know Esa and his show.

The puppet introduced as a first design object “Teema muki” (Teema mug) and afterwards the children designed their own mugs out of modelling clay. Furthermore they were introduced to digital media as digital camera and web cam.

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Mirjam said...

Some comments about Teema-mug by the children:
Eveliina: "Guess, what! I'm allowed to sit with adults in the dining table."
Erik (holding Teema mug): "Hmmmmmmmjaaaaaahhh! More pictures, much much more picutres of Legos!"
Ella: "It is too small to be a hat! If it falls, it breaks."
More suggestions: ", squirrels, dogs, colours of Easter, my own picture, me eating chocolate, ..."